Trash or Treasure

I have a plant growing in abundance in my garden I didn’t plant.  I asked my farmer husband what kind of a weed it was, he didn’t know.  I asked him how to get rid of it; he said to pull it out.  Not the answers I was looking for.  

I assign my clients to read about various types in foods in a particular book and just the week before I had assigned a reading on onions. (I suggest you readers check out the humble onion, it is a pretty amazing vegetable!) A client walked in the day after my conversation with Jay telling me how much she enjoyed reading about onions.  When we last spoke, she and I also had a discussion on the benefits of dandelion greens, yes, that annoying weed; which is actually a nutrient dense leafy green vegetable I suggest you read up on as well.   But this day she was quite excited about another plant called purslane and when she opened up the book to show me, low and behold it was the very “weed” I had hoped to eradicate of my garden!  And guess what, it is a highly nutritious vegetable.  God has a great sense of humor; I guess He would since He created it.  It’s been on my salad ever since and I have plenty of that vegetable to spare if you’d like some stop by and try some.

 Don’t you just love it?   Here was something that was trash to me, and all along it was a treasure. Isn’t that how it rolls, the best things in life are right here with us all along and in our ignorance we are ready to call a treasure trash.

Take for instance our parents.  Why is it when we get to a certain age we cease to appreciate them and their opinions, experience and who they are (were) as people and we look to every one else (except them and God who know us better than anyone else for pity’s sake) for direction and guidance.  I remember being eighteen and thinking they know nothing and I knew it all. And God, well He was just a fun hater. Neither gave me the answers I was looking for or wanted to hear.  Ugh.  Boy did I have it wrong. Luckily, after going through the school of hard knocks I came around to appreciate and understand that next to God, nobody loved me more than they did. I didn’t see either for the treasure they were.   I get fact that there are some unfit parents out there, but I think the majority of people’s folks are pretty decent; we all too often lose sight of that fact or have flat out forgotten to be grateful for their quiet presence and constancy in our lives.

And then there is our Heavenly Father.  Who has given us everything that we have!  Yes, that’s right, everything, including the life giving breath in our nostrils.  The ever present presence that is the greatest treasure and power available to each and every human  being here on this puny planet.  Who, most of the time we don’t even acknowledge or worse yet, we look at as some sort of weed in our life, who wants to take over the garden of our soul.   Well, he is waiting to take over the garden of our soul, but He is certainly is no weed. Like the purslane in my garden, he is a hidden treasure, not trash, and if I choose to harvest the gift of His presence, love and offer of salvation, I will come to understand He is the richest source of nutrients for my soul. The choice  is mine to make which way I will see Him;  as trash or treasure.   

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. “Matthew 6:21 KJV©

Be joy filled always,

Christine Davis