Flood Waters


“Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has past. “ Psalms 57:1

“My God! In whom are all the springs of boundless love and grace unknown, hide me beneath Thy spreading wings, till the dark cloud is overblown.” Isaac Watts

Flood waters are coming this way.  Eight years ago our area was devastated by a flood of epic proportions and in the coming days our area is once again preparing for a big flood.  The odd thing is, our area hasn’t  had a lot of rain lately.  But the flood is coming. The poor souls who live north of us have had rain after rain after humongous rain and all that water has run off and into the local river and a big bunch of water is slowly moving our way.

My heart aches for those that have to live through this for the first time and for those who may be affected yet again.   That being said I must add that I love where we live!  Schools let their students out to help sand bag; farmers helped other farmers harvest river bottom crops; big box store parking lots are filled with portable storage units for folks to fill with their belongings. People help not only neighbors but total strangers and that is a beautiful thing.

Flood waters are coming this way. People are listening and obeying. Those in the projected flood zone are told to pack up and move out and secure their properties, and they are!   I remember watching on the news when other areas were affected by major water based disasters where folks turned on each other and looted and pillaged and didn’t get out!  Some added insult to injury and stole from their already hurting neighbors and then stayed behind and put others at risk to save them, which only made a horrible situation worse! 

We prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Sometimes our lives are devastated by the flood waters of this life and trouble of epic proportions such as: natural disasters, serious health diagnosis, tragic accidents, addiction, money problems, relationship problems, war, loss of loved ones, cruel treatment and more.  Trouble may flow out from somewhere other than where we are, and a big bunch of destruction sometimes slowly, sometimes suddenly, moves our way.  And for some of us we add, again. 

My heart aches for those who are affected by cares for the first time and those who seem to yet again and again be hit by hardship and pain. That being said, I love where we live!   We live on a planet created by a loving God who sent his very own, only Son (His one and only Son), for the recovery of our souls. Do we really understand what a marvelous gift that is? He came so that  we can  be rescued from the storms of our lives.   Priceless. And that undeserved love is what keeps us, like baby chicks, under the safety of the Father’s wings, where there is shelter, and keeps us coming back for more and more refuge in the safety of His care and love. Listening and obeying keep us safe in the shadow of His wing.

It is God in us that draws us to help one another in time of crisis and to literally become the hands and feet of Christ to our neighbor who is hurting mentally, physically and spiritually.  Without Him in us we risk the likelihood of becoming like the looters and pillagers  towards others or worse we  become indifferent to the pain and suffering all around us.

Not good.

We prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Is God your first line of defense?   Or is He your last resort?

Be joy filled always,

Christine Davis